ADD/ADHD Body Double: Not a Movie Double!



When you hear the term “body double,” you probably think of movie doubles! In the context of adults, students, and children with ADD/ADHD, a body double is a person who helps keep people on task.


Tasks can run the gamut from homework help, paying bills, organizing closets, cleaning out the garage, exercise routine, daily household chores, and more...just about anything that you may have trouble staying focused on.


When you have someone working alongside you, or coaching you, keeping you mindful of what you are trying to accomplish, the work gets done!


I have demonstrated people skills and organizational skills that position me to be an effective Body Double for people in all stages of their life, from youth to adult.


My experience and skills in this regard were honed through years of multitasking by way of Recreation work with clients at the Arc of Union County; Job Coaching at the Arc of New Jersey; caregiver for children with autism, helping them achieve tasks relative to their skill levels; Post-Partum Doula; PTA functions; Girl Scout leadership, multiple troops, for 15 years; dog rescue/dog training, helping new adoptees adjust to new pets in their home……and more…..basically helping all sorts of people with all sorts of tasks!


I would love to help you get to those tasks, those projects…….homework…….studying… name it……….together we can tackle it!



  • Free initial consultation
  • Hourly rate
  • Two hour minimum

I will travel throughout New Jersey. There is a travel fee allowance for distances over 30 minutes from Westfield.



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